Weldon Lemke

About my book


Between the Red Letters

Why does it often seem like living your faith journey can be a frustrating experience? Christian growth can feel elusive. Relationships are complicated and difficult. Leadership can be a struggle at the best of times. Yet Jesus said that following him is not supposed to be burdensome. He claimed that the person who chooses to follow him and his ways will find that it changes their life in a positive direction. Flowing from a life of ministry, business, teaching and coaching, Weldon Lemke takes a practical look at how Jesus lived his life by focusing on how he related to his heavenly Father, where he went, what he did and how he connected with others. In one of the best books about Jesus “Between the Red Letters” the reader will learn principles taken directly from the life of Jesus that can help them in their spiritual growth, relationships and leadership. There is a wealth of guidance to gain not just from what Jesus said, but from what he did. Filled with practical examples and lessons that are as applicable today as they were when Jesus walked the earth, you will find yourself better equipped, less frustrated and more effective as you emulate the ways of Jesus in your own life.